Google Adwords Tips to Increase Your ROI

Google Adwords Tips to Increase Your ROI

Google Adwords Tips

Have you ever tried using Google Adwords without any prior knowledge of how to set up an ad? To be honest, it pretty intimidating! Between campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad extensions, it is hard to know if you are doing anything right. Since we are often asked how to approach Google Adwords, we want to provide you with a quick start up guide on how to set up successful Google Ad campaigns that will increase your ROI. In this example, we are going to set up a campaign that is “search network with display text.” Take a look at the Google Adwords tips below to enhance your ads.1. When your first set up your campaign, choose “All features” instead of “Standard features.”


This will broaden your opportunities when creating your ads and campaigns. The more options you have at your disposal, the better!

2. Use advanced search when choosing your location

In order to better target your ideal audience, look for the “advanced search” option at the bottom of the locations you input for your audience.

Next, be sure the highlighted area of your map is reaching your desired audience. Then, click “Location groups” toward the top and under “Choose location group type” you can narrow down your audience by interests and demographics to have a more successful campaign.

3. Do not underestimate the power of ad extensions

Always try ad extensions on your ads to see how they perform. These extensions make your call to action more visible and the user experience easier. For example, adding a call extension allows for a potential client to contact you with one click rather than going to your site to look for your number. There are numerous benefits to using ad extensions, so try a few and see which ones work for you.

4. Be smart about your ad copy

Since there are a limited amount of characters you can use in your ad, you will want to make every word count. Be sure to:

  1. Include keywords in your ad copy
  2. Capitalize every word
  3. Add a call to action at the end of the ad

5. Choose your keywords wisely

It is tempting to add every keyword that seems relevant to your ad, but refrain from keyword overload. The ideal amount of keywords to target are 4-8. This may seem insanely low (and does vary depending on your industry), but you don’t want to pay for bad clicks.

Speaking of bad clicks, you will want to choose the right keyword match type for your specific keywords. Using “broad match” will often leave you paying for clicks that are not entirely relevant to your keyword. “Phrase match” gets you much more qualified clicks and “exact match” will definitely get you clicks from people in your designated area search with that exact keyword. Not all keywords will need to be an exact or phrase match, but sure to check your search terms to make sure you are not paying for bad clicks.


6. Stay on budget with a schedule

Within your ad group settings, you will find scheduling under the advanced settings. In order to stay on budget, plan your daily spend appropriately for the length of your campaign. In the photo below, there is not an end date set, which means Google will spend whatever allotted amount you gave daily until you manually disable the ad. Set an end date that works with your budget and daily ad spend.

With these 6 tips in your pocket, you will be ready to rock your next Google Adwords campaign. Need assistance with your next marketing campaign? Take a look at our marketing services.

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