Painting for Peace in Ferguson Book & Coloring Book Marketing

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Painting for Peace in Ferguson Danni Eickenhorst Book Marketing

I had the pleasure of working on this project with Carol Swartout Klein and Carrie Zukoski. The author, Carol Swartout Klein, was born and raised in Ferguson and was been inspired to write a children’s poem inspired by the art that was created on the storefronts in South St. Louis and around Ferguson to promote peace and healing. The book, now in its second printing, has achieved national attention and national distribution.  Painting for Peace in Ferguson tells the story to children in a way that is age-appropriate, and which encourages conversation and helps them to understand the very complex issues that surround Ferguson.

The first printing was released in February 2015 and spend much of the following 5 months on the St. Louis Bestselling Books list. The second printing and national distribution commenced in August 2015. The book won an IPPY Award in May 2015 and will represent the State of Missouri at the 2015 Library of Congress Book Fair in Washington D.C. in September. A coloring book followed soon thereafter.

100% of the profits from sales of the book and coloring book go to support youth, arts and small businesses and their employees in the North St. Louis-County area, with the assistance of the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation. In fact, recent gifts were given by the author in the form of two $2,000 grants

The role of Danni Eickenhorst and Blank Page Marketing in this project was to handle all digital sales and promotion infrastructure, events, social media and public relations on this quick-moving project. Some of the work can be seen in the links below:

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